Window of perception …

Window of perception, `————————–.

Unbeknownst only to ourselves, the narrow set of light
particle reflections, arranged so neatly when reaching
a single focal point; — where from, one bases their
reality on. Reality what, so as though to be this-
dis-associative veil clouding our expression,
denouncing our mentality, & betraying our reasoning.

An eye, must be spry enough to follow where it should,
yet shy in way with luck to the instigated reflex. Not
all reactions protect one, movement often leave a wind
current behind, slink right to left – a swift maneuver
of equivocation.

As the moon grew cold, nine skies splayed unto twenty
two segments on the refraction bent in the colloquial
device perpetuating this mystic glint.

The stars are seen by those who watch for them, hopes,
words, divine essence is placed with connotation. Does
the sight invoke that awe- struck with a spark of time
or of place. I stood there now, looking in from where
I began, the momento in the moment then that connects
to the now.

, The Street Artist, Ken Te Tsu ..
“`. 222… .————————————-²²²`

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