Paradigm shift, Onyx context [2016 cotw, oct]

So it was quite a night, we saw half a prediction come true.

One that we thought, that came from someone that we knew.

Really I am here to bring some context to the entire story,

behind the darkness that kept the secrets of the onyx glory.

It is like a mirror of the dimensions, hadn’t thought of it

quite this way before. Many did not believe before, in the

chaos of it all back then. I want to say sorry for some of

the behavior and conduct on the part of myself in light of

some of the facts.

Turns out, there does exist a corruption, one whoms light is

dimming these days – as the light comes over it all. Longer

not will the criminal corruption be allowed to supersede in

situations where another would be treated differently.

What I really want to say, is that I have seen how that stone

could change an individual – you all cannot find it now. Not

even the gods, it is where it is hidden for a reason .. call

it a Trump card. You think this stone gives power over others,

without realizing what it brings with it.

Too long I had doubted myself, I see that as my biggest error.

Was right a long time ago, shouldn’t have let that budge me.

Now, when things look bad for those in certain spots, the lash

out – rubbing or cutting against the grain. It will not last

long though, until those panicked individuals are rubbed out.

It will hurt, there will be a calm. There was a well known

diviner said to have predicted the things that would happened,

perhaps I pushed this. Thousands riot in celebration over a

game in lands far from here, a victory that will resound in

other ways. So the prediction came about in a regardless sort

of way, with a touch of collective consciousness as much as

a smudge of an old soul guiding from behind the scenes.

Does it bother you that others did things better than you?

That you resemble failure of status-quo, what will have been?

I will watch you burn with a smile on my face. Take shots at

who you will, unfounded – hurt people without good reason.

Karma will come back for you, and not too late.

This is the introduction to a story that a lot of people do

not want told, already a certain guild has cut scars from

the arms of individuals without any sort of valid supposition.

<b>What did I learn from my interaction with this object?

That it is human nature, that people are jealous – even at

times with absolutely ignorant reasoning.

That there is a vibration underlying all things, resonating

with the projections we cast about.

That things happen for a reason.

That self implies other, that life implies death.

We fear those whom are in ‘power’, they get away with some

of the most unbelievable things. Surely I understand, that

due to my actions – things are certainly in the condition

which they are now.

<b>Simply handing the wrong stone to the wrong person, can in

<b>effect change the world in ways which are incomprehensible.

` The Street Artist …

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